Who is there to help your Children, Youth with Mental Health Services?  


Mental health carries a certain stigma, and that makes it difficult for some people, particularly kids and teens, to seek treatment. Left untreated, mental health problems can interfere with a healthy life and can lead to some pretty serious results, including suicide. That’s why it is so important to seek help. In Canada, there are several resources available for youth and their parents.

Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association helps connect families with the professionals who can identify and treat mental health issues in kids. Not only will staff give you information on a diagnosed condition, but they can also provide therapy, medication and treatment center admissions that are designed with each child’s case in mind. The organization is also set up to provide referrals and support groups of various kinds, both for the person with the illness and his or her family members.

Legislature Changes

There are many people working tirelessly for the Canadian government to improve the state of mental health care in Canada. Senators, including Michael Kirby, have worked to introduce new legislation that connects families and the government. His idea is that the government can pay for the first eight mental health treatment sessions for kids and youth suffering from mental health conditions.

Partners for Mental Health

This organization was founded by Senator Michael Kirby, who says that the state of mental health care in Canada offends his values. The organization allows other people committed to the cause to volunteer and give money to aid in the effort to provide adequate mental health services to kids in Canada. The website allows people to share their stories to offer support to others and provides a whole host of information for families who are supporting a child with mental health problems.

Healthy Minds Canada

This organization offers loads of information on many mental health conditions, including symptoms to look for and treatment options. In addition, Healthy Minds Canada also offers resources for parents, teachers, immigrants and others who are affected by the issue and how they can take action to help.

Canada has made headlines for our inadequate resources and this has spurred change in the medical community, medical doctors are becoming better educated about the issue so that they can provide appropriate referrals to their patients.

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