What we do


The need for addictions treatment surpasses the treatment resources available. The gap in the treatment workforce is unprepared to meet the growing need for Mental Health and Addiction services.

Mental Health Recruitment understands that treatment has become more than a social service, it is also a social science.


  • Expanding recruitment of healthcare professionals in mental health and addiction medicine across Canada. Improving student recruitment and a focus on under represented groups.
  • Employing marketing strategies to attract the top 20% of the elite in this field. Recruiting is positioning the opportunity in a way that both the organization and employee are satisfied with a long term relationship.
  • Developing and Implementing quality-of-life initiatives for Mental Health and Addiction Professionals can improve their morale and enhance loyalty and long term relationship.
  • In today’s value-based health care environment, industry executives are responsible for demonstrating value to theirĀ  employees. The focus is greater attention on initiatives that promote their wellness and satisfaction.