Mental Health Recruitment is a Canadian Health Care Recruiting firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We serve clients across Canada who are looking to fill Health Care positions. We specialize in your field of expertise; Mental Health and Addiction, Non-profit, Primary Care, Senior Care, Social Care, Health Insurance Services. Mental Health Recruitment provides superior recruiting and career services to those who promote behavioral health and service to others.


The challenges of staffing in the behavioral health field has become much more complex. We find the top 20% talent available, including the talent other recruiters simply do not see. We close searches at 4x the industry average. We have 96% client retention and have placed hundreds of professionals making over $100K per year, we network with top performers daily.


Hiring costs in the Mental Health and Addiction space are increasing and deadlines are tight. You need an efficient process to hire Health Professionals for time sensitive projects. We live and breathe this industry and we efficiently target the candidates that fit your needs. Our automated recruiting system enables us to reach professionals 24/7. Our recruiting experts cover online research, name generation, recruiting through social media, sourcing, relationship marketing, and database management.


Talent in the Mental Health and Addiction space is often reluctant to move.  Health care facilities, governmental agencies, non-profits and other organizations have a growing need for qualified professionals. At the same time, employees are looking for more flexibility in their work schedules and greater control of their careers. We provide countless solutions for the employer while meeting the needs of the employee.


We understand that it is hard to find a recruiter who can deliver consistent results.  We are a leader in the development of a specialized workforce. We apply the highest standards in the industry to present candidates after our thorough interview process. We want to earn your trust for a lifetime.


  • Appear On Page 1 of LinkedIn Search
  • Have the Perfect CV and Success Guide
  • Know and Control The Best Recruiters
  • Become The ‘Go To’ Candidate For Your Specialized Career
  • Access to over 5,000 Employer Contacts


  • Attract the top 20% Mental Health and Addiction Professionals in Canada.
  • De-risk your Recruitment Process
  • Lower Overall Costs,Reduce Unnecessary Staff Turnover.
  • Interviews Offered via Video Conferencing
  • Achieve Steller Employee Referrals