How do social workers humanize the face of homelessness

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate as it comes in many different shapes, forms, races, ages and severities. A range of social and economic factors may contribute to a person finding themselves homeless.  Others suffer from mental illness or substance abuse disorders. Social workers are uniquely positioned to help these individuals, either clinically or by connecting them to resources.

Feet-on-the-ground organizations are embracing social workers in completely new ways to improve access to resources for the homeless. Social workers help address homelessness in a more proactive way. Because many chronically homeless individuals are focused on daily survival, they’re not actively seeking treatment. The goal in immersing social workers in places the homeless naturally convene, such as public libraries is to meet the homeless where they are.

Social Work Professionals provide support to clients who are facing issues of poverty, mental health, addictions, abuse, social isolation. In Shelters they provide support in the areas of basic life management skills, accessing resources for health and well-being, assertive communication, goal setting, giving and receiving feedback, self-esteem, conflict resolution, problem solving and managing change.

These professionals are dedicated to serving the homeless and have an opportunity to help shape the future and help put an end to homelessness.


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