Celebrate Mental Health Week in Canada with Leadership

Mental health week in Canada is during May 1 – May 7 2017 and is supported by the Canadian Mental Health Association. It is a great time to recognize the unique challenges and issues related to working in the mental health field.

Learning, talking and engaging the issues around mental health is really important. For this mental health week we challenge ourselves and all our staff and community to be better in each area and make a lasting difference.  That can often be found in how we navigate a situation and qualities of leadership are instrumental in getting a good result.

So this week were are sharing some of the principals of leadership needed to be successful. Success is driven from intent and a desire to improve. In fields like non-profit mental healthcare, addiction treatment jobs in Canada, and social worker jobs in Toronto it is so important to embody leadership qualities in the work we do.

The Mental Health and Addiction Leaders in health systems are at the front line of providing quality management. Therefore, understanding how these professionals can best provide direction and supervision is a priority.

When choosing leaders, ensure that they have the attributes required to guide to your organization. They work hard to build a strong team that will be able to handle challenges in the behavioral industry.

Principles of leadership in Mental Health and Addiction employees

Leaders communicate a shared vision, they create an organizational culture that identifies and lives by values. Leaders create a structure and culture that empowers their employees and themselves, they ensure that staff are trained in a human technology that can translate vision into reality. Leaders relate constructively to employees, they utilize information to make change a constant focus of their organization.

Leaders build their organization around exemplary performers. The following are highlights of qualities that you should search for in your hiring for social worker, non-profit healthcare, behavioral health and addiction treatment professionals in Canada.


The behavioral healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so you need leaders who are focused on the future. To give patients the quality care they deserve, your company must make innovation a priority. Expertise encompasses development and implementation of innovative models of care.

Ability to Motivate

When the going gets rough, you need optimistic leader to support your employees. These people are driven to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goals. This level of motivation allows them to engage and inspire their colleagues. People gravitate towards those who fill them with positivity and boost their confidence.

All eyes are constantly on leaders, so they must have the mental toughness to handle the pressure. A calm demeanor is essential when the team looks to them for guidance in challenging situations.

Excellent Communicator

Since your staff is composed of a diverse group of people who communicate in many different ways you need a leader who can relate to everyone. Leaders are responsible for ensuring everyone is on the same page. Those with the ability and desire to include everyone and make sure each person is on board are the kind of leaders you want.


In behavioral healthcare, patients are always the top priority. Everything your team does should be focused on patient outcomes, so placing compassionate people with a desire to learn in leadership roles is essential. Your patients deserve a leadership team who won’t stop until they have the best.

Growing as Leaders

Professionals understand about self-development. Leaders identify organizations where they can exchange information about effective management and operational practices in the delivery of mental health services. Self-reflection and assessment are important disciplines for a leader.

Leaders will develop personal networks in and outside of their organisation, engage in senior management courses, support programs and attend conferences and engage in monthly coaching calls


Make a difference during Mental Health Awareness Week

For the people in the position to decide on whom to pick for a addiction treatment job, social worker job or non-profit mental healthcare job, ensure your workplace is full of remarkable people who go above and beyond and accomplish impressive results. Whether you manage a  treatment facility or social services, it’s well worth the time to carefully plan a sound talent strategy that is connected to the organization’s overall business strategies and business needs,

Small things like celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada is just one example of where we can all make a difference and celebrate both the challenge and the excitement of hiring strong professionals who will focus on reducing the stigma of mental health.

We would love to hear what you are doing for Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada and hope considering these guidelines helped you in your mental health recruitment search.

For more information on events happening during May 1st and May 7th, 2017 please see http://mentalhealthweek.ca/